Terms and Conditions:

Accidents & Injuries 

Glitz & Glam Events, LLC is not liable or responsible for any injuries that occur inside or outside of Glitz & Glam Events, all clients are responsible for themselves and their guests.


If cleaning is not included in the package, the client agrees to clean upon leaving the event, by picking up all trash and decorations inside and outside of the event.  Trash must not be left in the parking lot from the event, or there will be a cleaning fee of $300.00.

Alcohol & Smoking

If alcohol is served it must be served by a licensed & insured bartender.  Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

Damage to Property

In the event there is damage to the event center caused by the client or their guests there will be a minimum charge of $1,000.00. Charges will be determined based on the damage.

If the property is damaged prior to your arrival, you must notify Glitz & Glam Events staff  30 minutes after entering the event. Otherwise, we will assume the property has no damage.

Deposits & Cancellation

  • All deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable if you cancel your event.
  • I require a 50% deposit before I start your event, and the balance is due, payment in full, 30 days prior to the event.
  • I require a 30-day notice to start your event.
  • By booking you agree to the above terms and conditions.


Consultation is needed to learn the intricate details of your special day and is essential to providing a top-quality experience. Whether planning a birthday, retirement, or any special occasion, a consultation is REQUIRED to begin your experience.

TELEPHONE CONSULTATION: Our telephone consultation is free for 45 minutes. During this call, we’ll identify the goal of the event, clarify ideas, and create the concept for your event.

IN-PERSON CONSULTATION: Our in-person consultation is free for 60 minutes. During this time, we’ll identify the theme and color scheme you are looking for. We’ll take pictures of the space and gather measurements, additionally, we’ll identify the goal of the event, clarify ideas, and create the concept for your event.